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Data Management and Stewardship

We provide a range of Data Management and Stewardship services to our clients while utilizing the high level of focus, and attention to detail of our employees. We have delivered these services across multiple industries, technology platforms and business processes.

Data Entry / Research / Capture

Ventures ATL was engaged by a global professional services firm to assist in a large client data migration to help ensure the data was of the highest quality. Ventures ATL performed a multi-step research process for a large number of entities to identify information for required, but blank, fields within the client database. A commercial real estate firm retained our services to perform a data capture project of potential new business clients and partners. This project requires utilizing query searches within a software database, aggregating a large amount of data, and organizing this data into a usable structure. For a regional insurance agency, we perform multiple recurring data entry and data capture projects. One project involves identifying specific pieces of information from a large number of reports that vary in size and format and entering this information into a centralized portal. Another project requires us to follow a prescribed set of instructions to download numerous reports from different locations, organize them, and upload them into a centralized platform.

Data Stewardship / Organization / Manipulation

For the regional insurance agency, we take a monthly report the client receives that comes to them in an unusable format. We work through a detailed series of steps in Microsoft Excel and on Salesforce to manipulate the report into a consistent format. Additionally, we work to keep the Salesforce database organized and to complete other recurring tasks. For the commercial real estate firm, we worked to take their entire collection of scanned files and organize them into a structured library.


We have built on this skillset in the context of our growing relationship with an Atlanta-based private equity firm. Given a large amount of raw, unstructured data our team runs scripted SQL queries to organize and inspect transaction data for well-known quick-service restaurant brands.


CRM: Data Cleansing / De-Duplication / Standardization & Validation

For several clients including a statewide nonprofit, a financial services firm, and a local law firm, we identified and removed the duplicates from the clients’ customer relationship management database. We also frequently streamline descriptive data for entities within each client’s CRM. Additionally, within the regional insurance company’s Salesforce database, we identify and edit incorrect or missing transaction-related information. For one of our largest clients, a telecommunications company, we research and validate detailed client information for purposes of internal marketing. This research is conducted across a number industry-specific websites and using general web searches.

Project Management and Business Process Oversight

For a large healthcare IT and pharmaceutical distribution company, Ventures ATL manages recuring monthly compliance audits and risk management reporting. A large Atlanta-based private equity firm has, on multiple occasions, contracted Ventures ATL for market research relating to recent or pending acquisitions. Especially in the case of pending acquisitions, this work comes with time constraints and deadlines allowing our organization and employees to demonstrate an ability to work under pressure.

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